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"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio (12JUN2014)

Here is the TOP 10 selection of this week (tunes in random position) including mainly some freshness and forthcoming stuff covering Breaks & Bass vibes!
Starting with Australian D-Funk's jump beats 'In The Front' out in July 2014 on his label Up:Start Music, then a lovely tune entitled 'Breakbeat' from Spanish Funk U remixed by Alt-A (out now on Beat By Brain) following by The Rumblist dirty bass 'Getting Funky' part of his brand new EP 'Rumblisms Pt.1' on Kut Off Records.
We Are Noize, is the new power team in Bass scene, with MaxiM [The Prodigy] as frontman serving something unusual and out of trends like Bass from another dimension, could be perfectly described. A true example of that is 'Bad Gyal' as part of forthcoming 'Meat EP' . 
Transfering to a d&b vibe now...Motiv's 'Come Alive' talked inside me for the very first time, when my friend Stam from Motiv sent me this promo to play it out.. A sweet d&b tune part of a 4track EP forthcoming on his label, WhiteTower Digi.
Moving to the great chapter Sub Slayers, and 21yrs old Toronto Is Broken, one of the most outstanding Bass producers at the moment, ready to release his 1st personal Album in October on Sub Slayers. 'Die For You' is an emotional roller, due to amazing vox by Reeson driven by TIB's strong basslines!
Talking about strong basslines worth to mention 3 established producers/djs, who know very well their tunes..
First of all Sanxion, who can be called like 'Son of Heaviness' as already mentioned it during the show and '2 Bad 2 Drop' explains everything about that! And then, The Flashback Project, who's defo on fire lately, delivering class rave bass tunes. This time ragga meets bass on 'Nice Up The Dance EP' [out now on Downbeat]. Closing with Zombie Robot filthy drops on a banging remix to 'Girls Dem' featured on Radiokillaz big EP, out now on Passenger Records.
I'm finishing my review, with a fresh track I've discovered last week and comes from German producer/dj, Tobe Tronic. Its called 'Whizzl Piano' and is calling all nu-ravers and of course label managers to focus on his lovely unique style. 140bpm nu-rave/strong basslineS/oldskool flavour and pianos. 

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio - 12th June 2014)

10. D-Funk - In The Front [

09. Funk U - Breakbeat (Alt-A Remix) [

08. The Rumblist - Getting Funky [KUT OFF RECORDS]

07. We Are Noize - Bad Gyal [FREE DL]

06. Motiv - Come Alive [f/c WHITETOWER DIGI]

05. Toronto Is Broken (ft. Reeson) - Die For You [f/c SUB SLAYERS]

04. Sanxion - 2 Bad 2 Drop [THE POOTY CLUB RECORDS]

03. The Flashback Project - Nice Up The Dance [DOWNBEAT]

02. Radiokillaz (ft. Daddy Freddy) - Girls Dem (Zombie Robot Mix)

01. Tobe Tronic - Whizzl Piano [FREE DL]

Listen to the show here:

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

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