Saturday, 14 June 2014

PsychoDub EP :: Anarko Dub Tekno 002

Champion Breaks is one of the most favourite producers/djs in this Blog team and all his acid breaks work so far is much respected and supported by me, Tariq and lots of DJs out there! But whats the story so far? All started about 12 years ago when Bad Boy Pete, (his original alias) used to produce tekno tunes and running his own label called Getafix Records, where had already released a great amount of vinyl tekno tunes!
After 2013 and his successful year of acid breaks, with releases on Warehouse Wax, Kut Off Records and few months ago on Paranoid Recordings, all of them under the alias of Champion Breaks, Bad Boy Pete is now focused mainly on his new bizniz, which has a warehouse tekno character with dub samples and feelings. Its something like acid tek messed up with some breaks and ragga sampling. Its ANARKO DUB TEKNO actually.. Music out of trends and only for the warehouse party headstrong!

ANARKO DUB TEKNO is a fresh 2months old label and gave out its 1st release on 1st May..Its a 4track EP on digital format entitled 'Extasy EP' featuring tunes by MandiDextrous, Tassid, Menace vs. Champion Breaks and Bad Boy Pete of course.
Its second release is out now and titled like 'PsychoDub EP'
with samples from Criminal Minds anthem 'Baptised by Dub' and harsh tekno buzz!
This time Bad Boy Pete serves 2 mixes of him, one on 150pm Tekno and second one on a 303 Tribe Mix under Champion Breaks alias. The other two additions come from Matt::Scratch on a BreakTek Mix and OB1 on AcidTekno hammering one!

You can grab you copy now on 909 London Store here


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