Thursday, 5 June 2014

[NDR 009 & 010] Endor Recordings Tag Team EP's #1 & #2 (CD EP'S AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW!!!)

Tag Team EP #1
1/ Moodyboy – Pretty Girls (Yes Sir).
3/ Dave Skywalker – Sunrise.
5/ Jow – Reach Out.
7/ AleX Tune – Get Warm.
9/ AleX Tune – That’s The Way.

Tag Team EP #2
2/ Shadowplay - Plymouth To Padstow.
4/ Namik - Ant Colony.
6/ Jow - The Shining (Eddie Reflux Remix).
8/ AleX Tune - Pu-pu-pu Punany.
10/ DaveHat - Look Him In The Eye.
After an eight month absence Dave Skywalker's legendary Endor Recordings label returns with not just one, but two brand new CD EP's to assault your eardrums. Bringing you the freshest music from all areas of the underground, breakbeat, hardcore, drum & bass, gabba and jungle spectrums.
From Moodyboy's ragga infused techno 'Pretty Girls (Yes Sir)', Jow's happy breakbeat 'Reach Out', Alex Tune's two upfront, yet oldskool influenced hardcore tracks, 'Get Warm' and 'Got The Way' and Dave's own heavyweight dark amen roller 'Sunrise' on EP #1. To Eddie Reflux's bass heavy reworking of Jow's 'The Shining', the energetic ragga-core thumper by AleX Tune, Shadowplay and Namik's excellent jungle openers 'Plymouth To Padstow' and 'Ant Colony' and the gabba-tekno-breakcore beast by DaveHat 'Look Him In The Eye' which closes EP #2. There are enough styles and genres to please anyone with even the slightest interest in hardcore based music. 
Both EP's are only available as CD releases for a criminally low price of £3 each(or more for anyone who wishes to support the artists further!!!) from Dave's Bandcamp page (see below). These tracks will not be available to purchase digitally and are exclusive to each CD EP, so give your support and keep it oldskool!!! :D

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