Tuesday, 10 June 2014


01/ Baby.
02/ Yeah.
03/ Baby Breaks.
04/ Nothing (Remastered).
05/ Something (Remastered).
06/ Krull (Remastered).
07/ Nowhere (Remastered).
08/ Poosie & Cru-l-t – Knite In Paradise (Remastered).
09/ Poosie & Cru-l-t – Hear Me Hear Me (Remastered).
10/ Latch The Door (Remastered).
11/ I Cant Take The Pancake (Remastered).
After an absence of around fifteen years, the original oldskool hardcore and happy hardcore label, Kniteforce Records makes a long awaited return after being defunct from producing single releases since 1998. No that label owner Chris "Luna-C" Howell has been keeping quiet all that time. Chris has since revisioned and rebranded the label's musical philosophy as premier breakbeat hardcore, breakcore, jungle, gabba and freeform hardcore providers as Kniteforce Again in 2001, alongside the Kniteforce Digital and KFA labels. As well as writing his own autobiography within the rave industry and producing an excellent (and unexpected) folk rock album under the moniker of Reeve.
Chris explains that the reason for revitalising the Kniteforce Rcords brand is to release new music in a similar style to the previous incarnation (to "be as Kniteforcey as possible!"). Which means loads of rolling breakbeats, kick drums, booming basslines, ravey stabs, euphoric pianos and helium diva vocals. The label also hopes to encourage some of the artists from back in the day to make a return with new music and has already has releases from Luna-C and Kingsize & Vibena in the works.
The 'No New Ideas E.P' features 3 brand new Cru-l-t tracks (the man Chris Howell himself) which will be available for sale digitally and as a 3-track MP3 download.
KF61 is also available as a specially extended and limited edition 11 track CD album featuring 8 remastered oldskool Cru-l-t classics from Kniteforce's back catalogue in addition to the 3 brand new tracks. This includes [KF004] 'Krull EP', [KF009] Poosie & Cru-l-t's 'Knite In Paradise / Hear Me Hear Me' from 1993 and [KF013] 'Latch The Door / I Can't Take The Pancake' from 1995.  Making the CD edition an essential purchase for oldskool enthusiasts. Purchases of the CD edition of the 'No New Ideas E,P' album come with a download link for WAV copies of the album as well as some "other stuff' to be disclosed at a later date.
The album is available to purchase for $9 from the Kniteforce Revolution Webstore link below as are clips from the 3-track E.P.

Kniteforce Revolution Webstore...

Also check out Chris' blogposts on the reasons behind the rebirth of Kniteforce...

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