Saturday, 3 May 2014

[KFA60] Dynamite Crew - Hard Daze Remixes 2014 Executive Edition (Out Now!!!)

1/ Hard Daze (Inspector Sands & CLSM Bring Back Breakbeat Again Remix).
2/ Hard Daze (Anglerfish Remix).
3/ Hard Daze (Luna-C Remix).
Executive Edition Only
4/ Hard Daze (Disrupta & Sonic Fixation Remix).
5/ Hard Daze (Audio X Remix).
6/ Hard Daze (Jdubz Remix).
7/ Hard Daze (Original Version).
8/ Hard Daze (Original BBB Version).
9/ Cru-L-T & Anabolic Frolic - Feels So Rite.
Fast on the heels of the most excellent Idealz & Shift 'Random E.P., Kniteforce unleashes another massive Executive Edition release, this time revisiting Dynamite Crew's 1999 happy hardcore anthem 'Hard Daze' from the Keep It Fresh subsidiary label.

The 'Hard Daze' 2014 remixes on the regular release includes two breakbeat slammers from Inspector Sands & CLSM and Kniteforce's very own head-honcho, Luna-C, which reignite the heady, euphoric, positive vibes of classic happy hardcore. These are backed up by a thumping hardtek reworking from San Francisco based producer Anglerfish.

For those who get their order in early for the Executive Edition release there is a further 6 extra tracks including the original mix and 'BBB Mix' from the 1999 release and the Cru-L-T & Anabolic Frolic remix (entitled 'Feels So Rite') only available on the Kniteforce 'Rare & ObscureVol. 1' release.
These are also backed up by 3 additional 2014 remixes featuring Kode 5 Recordings Sonic Fixation & Disrupta's massive drum & bass remix, Jdubz's excellent 1993 oldskool hardore, styled revamp and Audio X who provides a melodic, breakbeat slammer.

The 9 track Executive Edition of Dynamite Crew 'Hard Daze Remixes 2014' will be available exclusively from's webstore from until June 2nd 2014, after which it will for sale from regular digital stores as a 3 track single download with the first three tracks only. So get your order in quickly! The bonus remixes will not be available anywhere else after that date.
Dynamite Crew 'Hard Daze Remixes 2014 Executive Edition'
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