Saturday, 3 May 2014

Borderless Beats Vol 1 Stream/Download

In celebration of our diverse cultures and humanities, the ethos of the rave scene is 'PLUR', peace, love, unity & respect. In our times, there are those trying to sow the seeds of disunity, those who believe in 'controlled borders', well this writer believes we should live together, share our resources and celebrate our differences. Our beats don't have to be unilateral or linear, oldskool can be played alongside nuskool, 140 alongside 170, borderless beats!!!!

  1. Frank De Wulf -Magic Orchestra (Remix)
  2. DJ Seduction -You & Me
  3. Outlander -Vamp
  4. Coolhand Flex - Bass Rush
  5. Second Phase -Mentasm
  6. Coolhand Flex - Genetic EnergE
  7. Kolosal Code - Move Then (Cubik) (Sanxion Remix)
  8. The Full Time Superstars-Don't Call It That
  9. DJ L.A.B -Touch (Strange Rollers Summer 91 Remix)
  10. Kromozone -The Rush (Sub Bass Mix)
  11. Flex & Uncle - Oddball 3
  12. TGE -Play To Win
  13. Nebula II -Bleed
  14. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion -Wages Of Sin (Strange Rollers Remix)
  15. Hughz – Herbalist
  16. 6Blocc -Sweet Dub (Skanx 140 Remix)
  17. Dave Remix – ReBoot
  18. Vazteria X -Bad Drug (Original Mix)
  19. Eddie Voyager-Love It
  20. Q Bass -Hardcore Will Never Die (Telepathic Mix)
  21. Karnage - Muffin Moods
  22. Nicky Allen -Justify My Love
  23. Rebel Faction Ft Dennean-Don't Play
  24. Worldwide Epidemic-Higher
  25. Calvin Harris - Ready for the Weekend (Tony Rocky Horror Remix)    
Stream/download here:

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