Sunday, 6 April 2014

Non Compliance pres. PAUL BASSROCK (UK) on the Guest Mix @ Nu-Rave Radio [04APR.2014]

This one is for Future Jungle Breaks fans who adore "heaviness"..
Non Compliance present a very special guest with a successful decade in the Breaks scene, the man like Paul Bassrock, owner of Bassrock Records on Nu-Rave Radio.



Non Compliance

Intro Anthony J Hilder
Sanxion "Desert Ant
Ellis Dee "Next To Me"
Viper X "Hovercraft"
RadioKillaZ "Don't Wanna 9-5"
Skanx "Cmon"
Strange Rollers "Break It Down"
Zombie Robot "You Belong To Me"
Manion "Thought You Were Doing It"
601 "Bones"
Menace "Nice World Order"
Pirate Jams "Happy Days"
Retropolis "Gotta Have Your Touch"(The Flashback Project Rmx)
Ellis Dee & Twister "Be The One"
BruXia, Non Compliance & m0del 101 "In Control"
BruXia "Mire"

Paul Bassrock [A Decade Of Bassrock Records]

D'State, Darkus & Tension "Shoulderroller" Autobots Remix
Darkus & Tension "Badbwoy" Backdraft Remix
Vinyl Junkie & Dope "Hooligan" Backdraft Remix
Amnexiac "Action Heroes"
D'State, Darkus & Tension "Dub Chemist" Backdraft Remix
Bill Vega & New Decade "The Roller"
Bill Vega & New Decade "Fear of Darkness" Control Z Remix
Transformer Man "Ravers Return"
Darkus "2 Sounds" Control Z vs Screwface Remix
Paul Bassrock "Oldskool Karnage" Baobinga Remix
Jinx In Dub "Rockerz Dub"
Paul Bassrock meets Anti-Science "Locked On!"
Zombie Robot "Mad Zombie"
Paul Bassrock "Oldskool Karnage" Jurassik Remix
Paul Bassrock "Dub Hooligan" Xim n Bass Remix
Strange Rollers "The Vibe" Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion Remix
Strange Rollers "The Vibe"
Libra "Thud Rumble" RadioKillaz Remix
Backdraft "Revolution" DaVip Remix
Darkus & Paul Bassrock "The Final Word" Vazteria X Remix
Vazteria X "Mutant Lemon"

Catch up Non Compliance live @ Nu-Rave Radio [

every Friday 8-10pm UK time and grab his latest release [which is out now on Kut Off Records] here

Check out the Strictly Nuskool Blog review & buy links for Bassrock Records fresh 4 track EP titled "Drop the Bass Vol.2"



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