Tuesday, 8 April 2014

[KFA59] Idealz & Shift - Random E.P (Executive Edition Available Until May 19th)

01 - LowRiding.
02 - On And On.
03 - Woo Woo.
04 - You To Be.
(Executive Edition Only - Available Until May 19th Only)
05 - RidingLow.
06 - RIP.
07 - Piano Possession (Doo Naa Naa Remix).
After a quiet start to 2014 and following on from December's 'Hella Hardcore E.P', the legendary Kniteforce Again label releases their latest release, the 'Random EP' from Idealz & Shift. A change from the last batch of Kniteforce Again EP's which focused focussed on high energy breakbeat and hardcore styles. The 'Random EP' features 4 tracks (plus 3 Executive Edition only bonus tracks) across the jungle/drum & bass spectrum, from the moody D&B stepper 'LowRider', the excellent dubby 140 jungle vibes of 'On And On' to the amen rinse out that is 'You To Be'.
In accordance to Kniteforce Again's philosophy of giving more to their customers Idealz & Shift's 'Random EP' is available as an Executive Edition release up until May 19th and features 3 extra tracks which will be removed from the EP after that date. It is highly recommended to get in there early to pick up the reworked opening track, RidingLow. The dark stepper 'RIP' and dubstep revamp of Kniteforce classic 'Piano Progression'.
Safe to say that with Idealz & Shift, Kniteforce Again is back to cause damage.
KFA59 Idealz & Shift - Random E.P (Executive Edition) is available from the www.kniteforcerevolution.com shop until May 19th for only $6 (that's a measly £3.74!!!).

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