Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I.B.P. & Redshift - Progressive Entropy EP (Free 6 Track EP)


1/ I.B.P. - Entropy.
2/ I.B.P. - Entropy (Redshift & Vic B's Analog Dub).
3/ I.B.P. - Entropy (Xmplfy's Vocal Dnb Dub).
4/ Redshift - 110th Babylon.
5/ I.B.P. & Redshift - Thin Ice.
6/ I.B.P. - MalFunktion.
For those who like their Drum & Bass, Jungle with a touch of Future Jungle, it is your duty to get your hands on this free 6-Track EP from Birmingham based artist I.B.P. featuring Redshift, Vic B and Xmplfy on remix duties.
The 'Progressive Entropy EP' clocks in at a massive 43 minutes 47 seconds and features the epic, and mesmerising soundscape that is 'Entropy' as opening track. Redshift and Vic B provide an atmospheric Future Jungle rework of 'Entropy' while Xmplfy pours some liquid Drum & Bass into the mix.
Redshift's '110th Babylon' brings forth booming bass throbs and stepping breaks for a deep excursion into jungle territory, closely followed by his hypnotic collaboration with I.B.P. on 'Thin Ice'. 'MalFunktion' closes this EP nicely with some rolling, yet smooth Drum & Bass action.

An excellent collection of atmospheric styles from rough breaks and bass to smooth synths and vocals. All this for free. It's a literal steal!!! If you like, please remember to give support via Facebook, Soundcloud and I.B.P.'s artist stores.

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