Wednesday, 9 April 2014

[GBW 003] Champa B & Bazia - The North Side South Side EP (Green Bay Wax Vinyl And Digital Download - Out Now!!)

North 1 - Champa B - Bigga Tings (North Side Mix).
North 2 - Champa B - Cookin' Up Ya Brain.
South 1 - Bazia - South Side  (Forest Hill Mix)
South 2 - Bazia - Kill & Kollect.
Green Bay Wax returns once again with it's third vinyl 12" EP of retro styled jungle/drum & bass. Champa B delivers two tracks of dark, 1993 styled junglism with plenty of ominous synths, chopped up breaks and metallic, pitched amens.
Bazia unleashes two takes on ruffneck, 1994 jungle. The bass pulses, clattering breaks, ragga chat and soulful vocals are all present on both tunes.

These 4 tracks are only available on vinyl in limited qualtities, with no re-presses being made after they sell out. They will not be for sale in digital format.
An essential purchase for those with a penchant for the Golden years of ragga jungle and the stages of progression between hardcore and jungle in the early nineties.
As an extra incentive, all orders for [GBW 003] will come with a digital download featuring the four additional tracks below...
1- Champa B - Oldschool Love.
2 - Champa B - The Warm Up.
3 - Bazia - Get Me High.
4 - Bazia - Lovin' You.

Green Bay Wax Soundcloud page:
The GBW 003 EP is available from the Green Bay Wax Bandcamp page for a bargain price of £7.95:

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