Monday, 28 April 2014

Droppin' Science-Volumes

If the re issued back cat of seminal hardcore/jungle/DnB label Suburban Base wasn't enough to get excited about, what a turn up for the books that  label stalwart Danny Breaks a.k.a Droppin' Science has popped up on bandcamp with some classic re issues and rarities compilations from his vinyl and DAT vaults, I'm going to concentrate on this one here as it features some of the most well known Droppin' Science tracks such as 'Step Off' and 'Droppin Science Vol 1' also known as 'Ooooooh Baby' due to the repeated breathless female vox that repeats through out the track, in fact each of the 10 tracks on offer deserve individual anthem status, its incredible to think how producers like Danny put such intricate beats together considering the software and hardware available at the time, no digital audio workstations back then and yet nothing has truly been able to come close to this era of sound since so if you're after a true history lesson, I suggest starting here, its worth it just to own these solid gold classics, file next to that Suburban Base collection.....

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