Friday, 7 March 2014

Introducing:: SWEDGER (UK)

One of the nu-rave's 'fresh blood' focused on bassline, mutant bass and future garage is Swedger from UK.

He began listening to chiptune (like Henry Homesweet, Shirobon and Sabrepulse) at age of 15 and made very simple 8-bit tunes under the pseudonym WatMeth? using a web-based audio tracker called Craptracker II. Later on he progressed to Famitracker at the age of 16 and then his DAW of choice, Renoise, as he turned 17. He has got tunes out under different names but the Swedger stuff has been on the go since early 2012, so he has been at it for two whole years now.

About a month ago he has released his first personalEP on YOUR MUM RECORDS, which is available to buy on Juno HEREOther tracks been released currently were 'Buy Dem' [Back To The Factory EP - ACME BASS RECORDS] and 'Makes You Feel' [The Ruin EP - UNDER THE SURFACE RECORDS]. Both these two tunes are available on free download (name your price) on each label's Bandcamp page.

His favourite influences  are Kanji Kinetic, Squire of Gothos, Phatworld, Pirate Soundsystem, Henry Homesweet, Dr Cryptic, CPTN, Thorpey, Squaremad, Sebby T and Sabrepulse, as well as he shows respect for Boards of Canada, Mogwai, Downstate and a phenomenal producer called Taylor M who discovered out of the blue one day and listen to endlessly.

Check out his latest release here:

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