Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Introducing:: Record Box (talking with James [Pianoman] )

I was very curious to learn some more infornation about this brand new strictly vinyl label like the RECORD BOX. A realy impressive and lovely effort by James & Nathan, who want to set the scene on rush , keeping the oldskool vinyl feeling alive!
The Strictly Nuskool Blog is next to the Record Box and calling all vinyl lovers to show their love aswell!

So... I've decided to make it happen & asked James (Pianoman) about this idea of the brand new RB.

- How did this idea of Record Box come out and what's your aim in there?

The idea for Record box came about for three reasons. Firstly Nathan and me (James/Pianoman) wanted to put some new vinyl out into the scene for the DJ' Collectors and the radio presenters. 
Secondly we noticed how expensive some of our own classic tracks were selling for and to be honest some of the prices were out of order. For example Rock N Move is selling for £250.00 on Discogs and Tribute To Asha is £50.00 plus. We have many of the original masters still on Dat tape so to re press them is easy. It's great people still support our stuff but its unfair they are being ripped off price wise SO we decided to do four track EP's and sell them for £10.00 (Postage is in with the price too).All that tracks are fully mastered too. Every release will be limited to just 100 copies. 
Finally Nathan and I wanted to release material by other people because there are some great producers out there now whom are remixing classic old school anthems and doing brand new old school tunes as well. People like Shaun Lever AKA Boy Raver, Nicky Allen and Project D all have great tracks to release. It will help, keep the scene current we hope and add some freshness plus get new talent heard. 

We have also remixes due for release from DJ Jane Angel and the Exxposure DJ competition winner DJ Ezee Tee. Every release will contain four full track for maximum value for money. We are NOT doing this for money ourselves as the pressings cost us £545.00 for the run of 100 and every penny goes back in.

RB001 (Record Box first release!) will be:

A1/Pianoman - Rock & Move
A2/Pianoman - Revelation

AA1/Pianoman - Cast A Spell (Original Mix)
AA2/ Pianoman - Whitney Tune 2013 (Jane Angel Remix)

All tracks taken from the original Master DAT tapes.
Digitally mastered for best quality and loudness for the DJ'S!


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