Sunday, 30 March 2014


Fusion Recordings is a UK underground label based in Essex and running by eZeeJay.

Back in time, eZeeJay was fancy listening to pirate station like Pulse FM and Centre Force and also going on 2 raves and hearing wicked tunes but not knowing the IDs, so tried to re-create these tunes on his Amiga using Octamed. His main inspirations are producers like Slipmatt, Bizzy B, Dougal, DJ Hype, Swan-E, ,MCMC and LTJ Bukem, so after he realised that he had a talent to produce, bought a pc to start on Reason 3. He's been into producing for almost 10 years, and had released under Fusion Recordings an album titled 'Hardcore Fusion' (2x CD) featuring many well known producers and had 2 vinyl releases on DJ FAV's hardcorewillneverdie. In 2005, his tune 'Databurst' was released on the  HWND002 and one year after his 'Alianation' on the HWND003.

His label's aim is to keep the oldskool & nurave vibe alive and rocking by creating good uplifting tunes, mainly hardcore as that's the key word!
It's focused mainly on hardcore breaks & breakbeat hardcore tunes and even jungle and some house vibes aswell. Worth to mention finally, some artists that have been involved on the label like MC Reset, DJ Statix, DJ Bones, DJ Fav, Teknotik, DJ ESP, DJ Nee.

Its freshest tune was uploaded few days ago on Label's Soundcloud page (where you can also contact in there) and its called 'Sinister Bass' by eZeeJay... taking you on a deep trip to oldskool jungle..

Hardcore Fusion [2005]


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