Sunday, 2 February 2014

HWND005 - Dying Light EP - FREE DOWNLOAD

DJ Fav is a Hardcore Breaks original along with his label, HWND, from the early 00's onwards, he has produced countless seminal tracks and remixes in this criminally under exposed genre and even recently has featured on the latest in the series of vinyl releases on 7th Storey Project. His website  is a massive resource of info on the old skool rave scene including vids, pics, tune IDs and Tracklists from classic DJ Sets, on top of all that, he's very kindly put up a LTD edition 4 track digital EP for free, 2 great darkside hardcore/jungle tracks plus the amazing remix of Dave Charlesworth's 'Energizer 2' and 92 style banger 'Don't Worry Son', fans of NuSkool/HCB should be prompt in downloading this great EP and of course, a bit of positive feedback goes without saying really, also make sure to follow Fav on his HWNDarkside soundcloud page to stay updated with future vinyl and digital releases, colabs and remixes....