Saturday, 4 January 2014

FX - Demonic Possession Volume 3 [Vinyl Release Out Now!!!]

A - The Devil's Work.
AA - Legion Of Doom.

Following swiftly on from 'Volume 2', the man like the DJ FX continues on with his 1993 darkcore, drum & bass manifesto to unleash his third volume on Demonic Possession Recordings.

'The Devil's Work' opens with sinister sounding synths and an eerie 'I'm the Devil, and I'm here to do the Devil's work' vocal sample. Alongside some serious amen choppage and a thundering barrage of bass. A seriously dark tune oozing with the essence of long lost oldskool labels like Symphony Sounds, but giving it a 2013 update.

On the flipside, 'Legion Of Doom' adds sped up hip-hop vocals, as popularised in oldskool hardcore, dubby half-speed breaks and colossal orchestral samples which conjure up visions of an undead army of skeletal soldiers. The 'You shall die!!!' sample also adds nicely to the ominous vibe and is propelled along with some 1993 hardcore breaks and bass (quite similar to those used in DJ Hype's 'Weird Energy').

Overall another top quality release for those who love their drum & bass infused with the spirit of the darkside, and like previous Demonic Possession Recordings releases, a joy for all horror movie sample spotters.

12" vinyl available to purchase at the Satanically reasonable price of £7.99 plus P&P.

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