Saturday, 11 January 2014


New nuskool nurave mix by the man like DJ Tony-D


1. kia ora theme intro
2. sparki dee-staring into darkness
3. dj krome & mc time-manic stampede:[dj wislov rmx]
4. dj flow-lets go
5. zombie nation-you belong to me
6. 4 hero-mr allen's nightmare
7. success n effect-let the bass kick:[nicky allen rmx]
8. dj pursuit-buy now,pay February
9. paul Cronin-kick it off
10. paul Cronin-mf's in the house [driving me crazy]
11. dave nexus-loads of hardcore:[choon rmx]
12. powerman-condor systec
13. the prodigy-rip up the sound system{paul Cronin rmx]
14. dave nexus-c'mon
15. visa-let me see you move:[nicky allen rmx]
16. dj mark c-trip on this
17. paul Cronin-headstrong crew reality is up to you
18. breaks-dangerous
19. force mass motion-panic:[nickys panic]
20. inner city-good life:[dj breaks rmx]
21. dj ham-most uplifting:[leonized remix re-rub]
22. fbd project-the core:[advanc3d rmx]
23. worldwide epidemic-night train:[unreleased mix]
24. north base-turn u on:[140 mix]
25. manix-one more time

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