Tuesday, 10 December 2013

North Base – The Album (FREE Download) f/c 20.12.13

North Base have been smashing it with some of the biggest 140 anthems of recent years such as the massive 'Ruffneck' released on Wheel & Deal Records last year and still played regularly, so what do you say to 15 tracks consisting of original tracks and remixes ranging from Bass to 140 through to some sick Jump Up DnB? You'll love the 140 revisits to 90's classics such as 'The Vamp', 'DJs Take Controll' & 'DJ Business' and that's just a few highlights from this free, yes, that's, right, free full 15 track album!!! Check out the clips below

Available from https://www.facebook.com/NORTHBASEUK  from the 20th December 2013

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