Wednesday, 4 December 2013

ALTERN 8 - 'Activ 8' REMIXES

The 90s rave anthem 'Activ 8' by Altern 8 is ready to hit the no.1 slot in Christmas 2013.
Everything started by an Altern 8 fan who has set a facebook page called 'Altern 8 For Christmas Number One' ( which has already almost 24,000 followers!! 

"Activ 8 REMIXES" is about to be released on 15th December including 8 fresh -never heard before- remixes by AGT Rave Cru, DJ Phantasy, Lucious Project, Billy Daniel Bunter & King Yoof, Shadow Dancer etc and re-mastered versions of 1991 'Hardcore Holocaust Mix' and 'Vicks Vapo Mix'

Pre-Order HERE 

Listen to some remixes 
which have been uploaded on ALTERN 8 Official Youtube Channel

....and clips from these 8 remixes on Soundcloud page:

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