Wednesday, 13 November 2013

REVIEW - Electrux - Other Things [Hardcore Lives Records ‎- HCLELX2 Album]


Hardcore Lives Records have been consistent contributors to all things breakbeat since 2008, and have now unleashed their 2nd artist album from Electrux on our ears.  'Other Things' takes the listener on a trip through energetic hardcore breaks, bangin' house & trance, contemplative dubstep and 140 jungle styles. All in 14 tracks too and with Electrux's distinctive and atmospheric production style.

Just to give a taster, the album kicks off with the pounding breakbeat and bleep driven, bass growler, 'Totalizer' to set the pace. The tempo shifts down a gear with the oppressive 'Tsunami' closely followed by the lush sounding 'Your World' which cleverly fuses smooth, house breaks, ruff bass throbs and seductive female vocals.
Electrux displays his love of cross-pollination genre-styles throughout the album. Incorporating all that is good from current, underground dance trends. 'Other Things' fuses trance effects and meditative vocals with piano led, pumping hardcore breaks. Conjuring up visions of N-Trance, in a slightly melancholic frame of mind. While the excellent 'Sunbeam' delves into atmospheric and deep, future jungle territory (I'm not gonna be the one who coins the 'Intelligent Future Jungle' label, but that's as effective as a description as you can get!).

Too many tracks to go into individually, but for sheer diversity, and intelligent production. The 'Other Things' album ticks just about every box in the book. 5/5

1/ Totalizer
2/ Tsunami.
3/ Your World.
4/ Ambush.
5/ Other Things.
6/ Ecosphere.
7/ Crossroads.
8/ Sunbeam.
9/ Conjunction.
10/ Easy.
11/ Lattice.
12/ Dream World.
13/ Release.
14/ Liquifaction.

Available to buy in 320 MP3 (£6.99) and WAV (£7.99) formats from Hardcore Lives direct.

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