Friday, 15 November 2013

'Extasy Make You Lovely Remixes' [out now from KUT OFF RECORDS]

The son of acid.. The Godfather of acid breaks mr. Champion Breaks, after his successful 'Sex, Love & Drugs EP' on Kut Off Records and the massive 'Acid Power EP' [special given away for our Blog] , becomes now the main reason for this wicked new creation which is out now on Kut Off Records!

'Extacy Make You Lovely REMIXES'

'Extacy Make You Lovely' is an acid breaks tune made by Champion Breaks ( and is now remixed on this wicked EP by various producers like DJ Slim - Menace - Dodders and Benji303 featuring also a brilliant artwork by Allan Baines spreading the nu-rave party pill to the masses!

Kut Off Records

Champion Breaks


DJ Slim




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