Wednesday, 6 November 2013

7th Storey Projects - The Dark Arts Volume 1 Review (12" Vinyl - Out Now)



A1 - FX - Dark Places.
A2 - DJ Fav - Soul Survivor.
AA1 - Wellbelove - Immortal.
AA2 - Worldwide Epidemic - Ruler Of Olympus.

These days producing a vinyl release can be a daunting and costly process, but there are still a few stalwarts who are keeping vinyl alive for those who still crave a physical copy. 7th Storey Projects have come up with another outstanding EP following on from their DJ Excel 'Just When You Thought It Was Safe EP', 'The Dark Arts Volume 1' brings on board Demonic Possessions Recordings darkside don, FX. The originator of the Hardcore Will Never Die label, DJ Fav, Wellbelove AKA Dom Fripp of Chaos & Julia Set fame and Antipodean breaks connoisseur Worldwide Epidemic.

As underlined by the EP's title, all tracks are on a 1993, dark tip with a firm focus on the jungle tekno styling's of that era. FX's 'Dark Places' follows on from his 'Demonic Possessions Vols 1 & 2' on his own label, with a mental barrage of rough, chopped up breaks, ominous bass growls and modern horror movie quotes to keep you guessing where that sample came from.

'Soul Survivor' tricks you into thinking it's just going to be an all out amen fest (it does have amens aplenty by the way), but then throws them in the blender with a gentle techno melody. It still keeps things moody with brooding strings and razor sharp mentasm riffs.

The pitch black 'Immortal' from Wellbelove is quite possibly the darkest track I've heard in a while, focussing more on moody atmospherics rather than hammering breaks. It has a very cinematic feel to it, as well as having hoover stabs which sound like a nest of angry bees.

Last up, Worldwide Epidemic unleashes his 'Ruler Of Olympus' track, which to put it simply, sounds like an unearthed Basement Records/Sound Entity/Smooth Recordings from their 1993-1994 heyday. It has the jungle tekno style nailed with the use of crisp breakbeats, pumping bass and techno melodies.

4 tracks following a dark hardcore agenda, but all unique in their own ways. If you're a vinyl hardcore/jungle supporter then this is highly recommended and available from 7th Storey Projects themselves for a very reasonable £7.99 (excluding P+p)

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