Tuesday, 26 November 2013

[Kode041] Nicky Allen - On The Mic - Out Now On Kode 5 Recordings!!!

The prolific breakbeat manipulator machine that is DJ Nicky Allen returns to Kode 5 Recordings to unleash another drum & bass tinged 140 jungle roller. This track features skanking dub riddims, ragga MC chatting, hypnotic basslines and Nicky's trademark piano melodies, all tied together with a stepping break to get the crowd moving. As the unknown MC states, 'On The Mic' is guaranteed to burn the place down wherever it gets played.

Available from all good digital download stores from 25/11/13.....





Monday, 25 November 2013

'November's FREEBIES'

R U Ready for 25 ultimate fresh nu-rave tunes available on free download?
I've collected some of them as the highlights of this month.
Show your support to all producers!

DJ Flow, Nicky Allen, Mr. Niceguy, Exit Point, NewKoncept, Beagle, Hamsta, Simon Harris, Orestiz, Toofer, DJ Fav, Shed Edz, Neurygma, DJ Ten, Skanksta, DJ Stormski &Whizzkid, DJ Mark C, Sparki Dee, Pinky & The Brain, Rett, Mr. Sin, BeatRapist, Disrupta & Max MC

Sunday, 24 November 2013

VA-Ruffneck Rydims Vol 3-Warehouse Wax Music

With a decade of releases behind them, Warehouse Wax are about to unveil their biggest release to date this December, 'We're Not Dead: The 3rd Chapter' a mammoth 50 track LP featuring the biggest hitters in the scene right now, if you fancy a taster of what to expect from that LP, then this EP will do just that, the 3rd in the series of 'Ruffneck Rydims' EPs continues to showcase some of the finest 140BPM producers around, here we get 4 artists: 100Me, Strange Rollers, Radiokillaz & Sanxion who have each turned out bangers of such epic proportions that we just can't pick a favorite!!!

100Me's offering just won't leave your head with it's infectious pads and rolling beats while Radiokillaz drop some prime time ragga 140 sickness with a bassline that harks back to classics like Urban Takeover's 'Badass', seriously wobbly!!!! Sanxion steamrollers the place with a 10 megaton bass assault that will have you doing the bass face and Strange Rollers drop yet another of their unique sounding tracks, funky and futuristic, all in all, this is a taster that shold leave you craving from more of that speaker destroying goodness that the dons at Warehouse Wax specialise in, booom!!!!

'Ruffneck Rydims Vol 3' is available now from all good download stores, click on the video below for full info and details on where you can buy it:

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Random Rave Show's 4th birthday @ Nu-Rave Radio

DJ LibAtee the man behind the Rave Stylee has celebrated last week his 4 years on Nu-Rave Radio with The Random Rave Show! A special BDay show featuring also 10min' mixes from Nu-Rave Allstars (as he says on the radio event info) like Geezah, Menace, djfLow, GL0WKiD, Tariq Ziyad, Damage Inc. , Exit Point, Scribble Dee, DJ Pursuit, Strangenotes.
SNB wishes to DJ LibAtte all the best and more shows & vibes to come through his show!

Catch up DJ LibAtee with Geezah live every Saturday 18:00-22:00 (UK time) on The Random Rave Show @ Nu-Rave Radio


REVIEW - Sonic Deadline - Party Force [PF001 - New 12" Vinyl Release]

A1 - Remember The Good Times.
A2 - Taking My Heart.
AA1 - Teach Me.
AA2 - Get Live.

Sonic Deadline has been producing oldskool themed hardcore breaks on his Hard Boiled label, and ruff jungle on Beat Lab (under his Warped Science moniker) since 2006, so it's safe to say that he's a veteran breaks connoisseur with a definite pedigree. Recently Sonic Deadline announced a new label, Party Force to resurrect the 1994-1995 breakbeat, happy hardcore sound on vinyl. The first Party Force release is an uplifting, euphoria fest of a 4-tracker featuring energetic breaks, infectious piano melodies and obligatory chipmunked vocal effects.
As I was never really a huge follower of 'happy hardcore', being mainly into the darker strains of hardcore, jungle and drum & bass. I was well impressed at how Sonic Deadline effectively crafted this EP to avoid excessive dips into the realms of Stilton, which many happy hardcore tune back in the day fell guilty of (in my opinion at least!).
Opener, 'Remember The Good Times' sets the ball rolling with some spine-tingly, metallic sounding breaks and pianos before incorporating a rolling amen breakbeat accompanied with a pumping 4/4 beat. The midsection adds a gorgeous piano melody alongside classic 'Remember the good times. Don't you want some more' vox. A lush sounding, uplifting essential.
'Taking My Heart' adds more junglistic breaks to the formula, with a strong oldskool hardcore influence also -  1992 especially - "Knowledge", "Ruff'"and "Taking your heart" vocal samples. The beats are purely energetic, as are the pianos. Job done!
Up next is the more '95 influenced 'Teach Me' which adds a nice little sci-fi, 'Wheesh!' sound effect (which my description is totally ineffective in describing here!) to the rolling breaks and pianos. These are merged with euphoric helium-effected vocals "Why won't you teach me. Come to me. Come to me...." and a cheeky 'Mmmm drop!' sample from the Beastie Boys. Some proper happy hardcore stabs feature also to reinforce the happy vibe,
Concluding the EP is the closing tune 'Get Live', which sets the uplifting piano melody in overdrive  and adds a Nookie-ish synth stab to "I'm feeling this way and I want to stay" female vocals and track title, "Get live" shouts. There is a great jungle break to accompany the amens on 'Get Live' to give the breakbeat lovers a thrill.
An overall tribute to the glory days of pre-4/4 beat dominance in happy hardcore, and an essential purchase for anyone who has a fondness for euphoric and uplifting hardcore sounds.


The price for this lovely slab of oldskool euphoria is a paltry £6.50 which gives you no excuse not to grab a copy and support the label!

Purchase details taken courtesy of the Sonic Deadline 'Party Force' Back To The Oldskool thread;

UK: £3.50 first 4 records, + £0.50 each additional
Europe & Russia: £5.50 first record, + £1.50 each additional
Rest of the World: £8.00 first record, + £2.25 each additional


For those who like their jungle I've also got some copies of:
Warped Dynamics - Lord of the amens remix EP
Warped Dynamics - Volume 6 Sound for Champions/Free (smooth mix)
Going for £5 each.

I also have copies of:
Hardboiled 001 - Delta Force EP
Hardboiled 002 - Never mind the bollox EP
Hardboiled 004 - Battle for the past EP
Going for £6 each.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Mr. Sin - LSD XP [FREE DL]

Mr. Sin is one of the freshest producers in the Nu-Rave Scene with a variety of impressive productions focusing on 140 hardcore breaks.
You can start from now investigating his Soundcloud page and show your support to his as its worth to be.

About few days ago he has uploaded a new tune called 'LSD XP' which keeps the same style as his other productions and its given away for free via GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] facebook page. You can download it here

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Introducing Northfleetbreaks Records

DAZZ-F is one of the most essential members in the NuRave Scene having released class tunes for the last 10 years, been djing for many years too and having his own label in the name of NorthfleetBreaks Records.
After a break the label is back strong again with a number of releases planned for 2013 and beyond.
You can check out some tracks on the label's Soundcloud page and buy them on TrackItDown. Catch up Dazz F live on BreaksPirates.com with the 'Northfleetbreaks Show'  more info HERE



Tuesday, 19 November 2013

LIQUID Interview for Strictly NuSkool Blog

Bangface 2012 - Image by Emma Gutteridge Photography

The man behind the huge successful 90s anthem 'Sweet Harmony, LIQUID is being interviewed on Strictly NuSkool Blog and we are honoured sharing it with all of you!

- Firstly, let's take things back in time..Try to remember please your early days and tell us how did all start with your passion to the oldskool music and what was the main influence.

My main influence, house music wise, was Chicago and New York house.
I was heavily-influenced by Marshall Jefferson, labels like Nu Groove, Trax Records and a lot of the early tracks hitting the UK. What drove me into making tracks was the feeling, as Belgian techno, was moving away from the soul of the scene that I loved. I used to – and still do love – certain labels like R&S, but a lot of the imports coming into the record shop I was working in just sounded like noise to me.

- What is your most memorable Liquid experience all these years till now? Something that you would like to share with us..

So, so many. Honestly, coming to Greece in 1995 was a real highlight (I think it was 95, my memory has been a little affected) and playing two huge shows, one in Athens and one Thessaloniki. Other than that, we once went on for a live set in Firestones, Orlando and it was incredible and a memorable trip for good and bad reasons....

- Tell us please 5 artists from the oldskool era that you rate to this day

Slipmatt, Mark Archer and Shades of Rhythm are my favourite (and in no particular order, really). Mainly because they’re humble, great guys. I love the way artists like 4Hero and Nightmares On Wax have developed.

- I remember the last time that i saw you performing live, was about 2 yrs ago on Plissken Festival in Athens.. You are one of the most beloved producers in Greece all these years. What is your best moment from all your visits in Greece. Anything that comes straight into your mind when they give you these 2 key words: "Liquid/Greece''

Like I said before, it has always been amazing coming to Greece; I love the people. Many years ago, I wasn’t always on my best behavior but promoters such as Alex Drakos were so tolerant of me! 

Plissken was such a great festival, a fantastic team behind it. I had some technical issues that evening so hope to be back playing for them again one day.

- Lets enter to the chapter 'Liquid-8'...In 2010 you were djing on a legendary gig in Athens along with Mark Archer (one half from Altern 8), and then teamed up with him for the Liquid-8 project. Tell us about the spirit & the idea of this project and if there will be any future releases.

We had a great time that night, it was a killer atmosphere and it was a great trip overall. I knew Mark a little, but we got to know each other far better that weekend and decided to do some tracks. We thought Liquid-8 was a funny idea, too.
There will be more tracks in 2014, but less pianos and more techno. Mark wants to do an album called “Ullo, can I speak to Mark Archer pur-lease” but I won’t let him! He comes from the north of England, they are very strange up there!

- Sparky meets Liquid and MC Spyda close to this massive conspiracy..How did the ‘Dub Hooligan’ project come out?

From my love of dub and reggae, basically. A producer I’d been working in the studio with, called Sparky, and I created all the music and I don’t think Spyda could have done a better job voicing the tracks. Mek Dem Gwan is still one of my proudest musical moments.

- Oldskool movement gave its place to 21century's Nu-Rave movement. Do you agree with this one? Tell us please if there is any essential nuskool/nu-rave act/dj/producer that has drawn your attention nowadays and how do you see the future of 'rave'.

Honestly, I don’t know enough about it to have a strong opinion. I still think of nuskool as the breaks scene that Adam Freeland and Stanton Warriors came out of, and I love Stanton Warriors.

Future of rave? Don’t know. Maybe it’s my age, but I see it all as house music still and all the wide and various genres are still all rooted in the house music era.

- What are your future plans musically and your forthcoming gigs?

I have taken a bit of time out to spend time with my daughter in her early months, years and now she’s over 2 and getting right back into it. I have a few collaborations planned for 2014, gigs already in the diary and lot’s of Liquid stuff planned.

My New Year’s Eve show got cancelled few days ago. The beauty of having my adorable family is that it just means I get to spend a (rare) NYE at home.

- Thank you a lot for taking your time answering the questions, appreciate it a lot! Looking forward to your next performance in Greece and every place who wants to live the Liquid buzz !

I hope to see you in Greece in 2014, definitely. Big up!


Monday, 18 November 2013

[MURCD-029] FFF - Keep The Fire (out now on Murder Channel Records)

A jungle bomber from Rotterdam, the man like FFF returns to Murder Channel Records with his second full length personal album in the name of 
'Keep The Firewhich was released about a month ago.
FFF is blending jungle,hardcore,breakcore to this massive 22track LP which comes out the right time for every nuskool Junglist!
More words are useless ,when these 22 tunes are unique one by one!
Totally worth checking it out & buy it.. Massive work from a true guy and producer like FFF

Buy it (+more info) here

Murder Channel Records







Sunday, 17 November 2013

STORMSKI 'Oldskool Rewind EP' [out now on KODE 5 Recordings]

STORMSKI is one of the most essential & talented hardcore heads in NuRave scene..
After his big successful 'Dream Of Heaven EP and 'Bad Boy Style' hits back with a brand new 4track biznizz which is out now from KODE 5 Recordings!

'Oldksool Rewind EP'  has the same recipe like his previous releases, bringing the ultimate sound of the future rave and spreading the message that everything's still alive, nothing's dead.. 4 tracks rewinding your heart to the oldskool days driven by Stormski.. It's a must 'nu-rave weapon' for your collection, no doubt for it.. 


KODE 5 Recordings







Friday, 15 November 2013

RETROPOLIS...The Story So Far [+ FREE DL Retropolis tune]

I've decided to blog some true words from a very good guy (first of all) and a very talented producer and share his success & happiness with all of you involved on this NuRave Movement! 

So.. This is what Retropolis posted few minutes ago on his official FB page (+ a freebie remix he did on Moby's 'Everytime You Touch Me'):

" I can hardly believe that a year has passed since I began a little project now known as Retropolis and what a fantastic year it has been.

From my debut offering Retropolis Vs Moby – Everytime You Touch Me last November, you have kept my winning remix of FLeCK - Higher in the TrackItDown.net breaks chart since it was released on Rave Style’e in May and the response to all my tracks and mixes over the year has been incredible.

March was crazy busy, being given the opportunity to remix a new release from Pianoman ft. Claire Challoner – It’s My Pleasure and 2 releases forthcoming on Kode5 Recordings -

Ecomomix – Panic (Official Retropolis Remix) & also Retropolis - Apex Ting hitting the download stores soon.

April saw Retropolis signed to US label For the Love of Breaks with the release of Hold Me Now riding the top spot on TrackItDown.net breaks chart for over a month. With support from GlowKid, the Strictly Nu-Skool blog and the GenerationX radioshow the reaction to the Retropolis Showcase in July was overwhelming.

July and August introduced the Retropolis & fitch:bass collaboration with Don’t Believe The Lies followed up by Nobody Does, you haven’t seen the last of this pairing. Also gaining support from two legends over summer, with a sneak preview of future Retropolis release Gotta Have Your Touch on The Flashback Project Summer Promo Mix 2013 and unbelievably the Funk and Filth: Mix of the year 2013 award nominated Sanxion - August 2013 bass/breaks mix featuring Hold Me Now and Gotta Have Your Touch (Flashback Remix), I was blown away.

September brought the For the Love of Breaks release of Retropolis – Only Begun to Love Ya! Again riding the TrackItDown.net breaks chart number one spot, closely followed by the Propaganda Music release in October of Retropolis – Gotta Have Your Touch - Original Mix (also reaching the number 1 spot) and Flashback (breaks) remix…….usually you’d be miffed about losing the top spot, but not when it’s a Flashback mix of your own track! Also October saw completion of my remix of Nicky Allen’s – Feel So Groovy, forthcoming on Rave Style’e.

Retropolis also received a fantastic review from the Funk and Filth blog, won support from the epic Kid Panel and Retropolis – Gotta Have Your Touch - Original Mix featured on DrumNBass.net received over 4,000 plays in just 3 days!

Just a few days ago I was stoked to find out Retropolis is joint winner of The Pooty Club – Kid Panel ‘Bumblebee’ remix competition, with my remix to be released on The Pooty Club Records shortly, the competition for this was fierce indeed! The Warehouse Wax – We Are Not Dead – The 3rd Chapter is now out for pre-order featuring exclusively another Retropolis track Get Choppy, featured on a mix CD by legends Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion (coming on the 7th Dec) and later available for download (16th Dec).

The year is not over yet so you can expect to see another release in 2013 on For the Love of Breaks with FYAYB, taking us to the end of this year and for the first time ever; Zone the Next Generation hosts a Retropolis live PA on New Year’s eve 2013/14.

Also in addition to this list, June launched a second collaborative project into the limelight introducing PureZone to the world as the Live PA of Soul and Body rocked Zone the Next Generation with more tracks and live performances in the pipeline, expect to see and hear much more from PureZone, with future collaborations with Italian House legends PierAdis Rossini and Pierre Feroldi coming in 2014.

Last but not least, true to my roots, Pianohead has been bubbling away in the background allowing me an outlet for my love of piano-lead old-skool breaks, with tracks Addicted to Music, Retropolis – Only Begun to Love Ya! (Pianohead remix) & Tellin’ Me which I will continue to do so into the future

I’m amazed by the props I’ve received from you all, without you none of this would have been possible, massive respect to all the producers I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with, I can’t show enough gratitude to those of you who have kindly given me the chance to remix your work, and no words can express my appreciation for you guys who have blogged, bought and played my tracks.

So finally I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has shown me support, from my debut offering RETROPOLIS vs MOBY - EVERYTIME YOU TOUCH ME last November, right to the present, please follow the link to download this track free. "

You can download it from HERE   


'Extasy Make You Lovely Remixes' [out now from KUT OFF RECORDS]

The son of acid.. The Godfather of acid breaks mr. Champion Breaks, after his successful 'Sex, Love & Drugs EP' on Kut Off Records and the massive 'Acid Power EP' [special given away for our Blog] , becomes now the main reason for this wicked new creation which is out now on Kut Off Records!

'Extacy Make You Lovely REMIXES'

'Extacy Make You Lovely' is an acid breaks tune made by Champion Breaks (https://soundcloud.com/champion-breaks/extasy-make-you-lovely-acid) and is now remixed on this wicked EP by various producers like DJ Slim - Menace - Dodders and Benji303 featuring also a brilliant artwork by Allan Baines spreading the nu-rave party pill to the masses!

Kut Off Records



Champion Breaks






DJ Slim






Wednesday, 13 November 2013

REVIEW - Electrux - Other Things [Hardcore Lives Records ‎- HCLELX2 Album]


Hardcore Lives Records have been consistent contributors to all things breakbeat since 2008, and have now unleashed their 2nd artist album from Electrux on our ears.  'Other Things' takes the listener on a trip through energetic hardcore breaks, bangin' house & trance, contemplative dubstep and 140 jungle styles. All in 14 tracks too and with Electrux's distinctive and atmospheric production style.

Just to give a taster, the album kicks off with the pounding breakbeat and bleep driven, bass growler, 'Totalizer' to set the pace. The tempo shifts down a gear with the oppressive 'Tsunami' closely followed by the lush sounding 'Your World' which cleverly fuses smooth, house breaks, ruff bass throbs and seductive female vocals.
Electrux displays his love of cross-pollination genre-styles throughout the album. Incorporating all that is good from current, underground dance trends. 'Other Things' fuses trance effects and meditative vocals with piano led, pumping hardcore breaks. Conjuring up visions of N-Trance, in a slightly melancholic frame of mind. While the excellent 'Sunbeam' delves into atmospheric and deep, future jungle territory (I'm not gonna be the one who coins the 'Intelligent Future Jungle' label, but that's as effective as a description as you can get!).

Too many tracks to go into individually, but for sheer diversity, and intelligent production. The 'Other Things' album ticks just about every box in the book. 5/5

1/ Totalizer
2/ Tsunami.
3/ Your World.
4/ Ambush.
5/ Other Things.
6/ Ecosphere.
7/ Crossroads.
8/ Sunbeam.
9/ Conjunction.
10/ Easy.
11/ Lattice.
12/ Dream World.
13/ Release.
14/ Liquifaction.

Available to buy in 320 MP3 (£6.99) and WAV (£7.99) formats from Hardcore Lives direct.



Tuesday, 12 November 2013

LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS pres. 'Rats 2 The Oldskool EP'

One of my fav labels out there, Long Live The Animals hits da place again with a free 5 track EP! Some class nuskool heads involved in there such as WordWide Epidemic, AlexBreako, Hamsta, Mark C, Nicky Allen are spitting 5 ultimate tracks and 25 min of total pleasure and rave buzz! 
All these 5 tunes have become 1 crazy roller on my head..!

'RAT 2 THE OLDSKOOL EP' is the soundtrack of a hardcore nu-raver! 
No more words..

Eargams starts from the 'PLAY' button..


AlexBreako: www.soundcloud.com/alexbreako

DJ Mark C: www.soundcloud.com/dj-mark-c

Hamsta: www.soundcloud.com/hamsta_dj

Wordwide Epidemic: www.soundcloud.com/silky1122

Nicky Allen: www.soundcloud.com/djnickyallen

Saturday, 9 November 2013

DJ Slim [Liquid Rollers] Guest Mix on Generation X [RadioShow]@Nu-Rave Radio

DJ Slim (www.soundcloud.com/dj-slimos) from the Liquid Rollers was GL0WKiD's guest on Generation X [RadioShow] @Nu-Rave Radio throwing a massive 1hr mix including 3 xclusive dubplates by Radiokillaz & fresh remixes by himself, Nefti and Neurygma.
This show was recorded live as broadcasted on Nu-Rave Radio on 7 November 2013.


Generation X [RadioShow]: www.facebook.com/genx.radioshow 

Live every Thursday 17:00-19:00 (UK time) @ www.nu-rave.com

Thursday, 7 November 2013

REVIEW - Men From Del Bosca, Freshtrax & HMS & Unknown Artist - El Bland E / Harmonik Force / Feel The Melody (Keeping Vinyl Alive - Rare And Unreleased 1992 Hardcore)

A - Men From Del Bosca - El Bland E.
B1 - Freshtrax & HMS - Harmonik Force.
B2 - Unknown Artist - Feel The Melody.

Earlier this year Sublogic Recordings, one of the premier, artist approved oldskool, remastering, unearthing and re-pressing vinyl labels announced their sad farewell in it's current form. However out of it's ashes rose a new label with the same artist supporting and quality vinyl producing agenda. That label is Keeping Vinyl Alive

(from their Discogs page)

"Keeping Vinyl Alive is a new label set up by the now inactive Sublogic Recordings It is centered on releasing crowd funded small run vinyl pressings of oldskool hardcore, jungle and drum and bass music. The ethos of the label is to discover and share interesting or rare and unreleased 1991 - 1995 tracks not for profit but for posterity."

[KVA001] does not fail to deliver on this promise of rare and unreleased gems. First up is the extremely sought after 'El Bland E' from Men From Del Bosca (aka Freshtrax & HMS), a dark 1992 track with moody synths, N.W.A. 'Straight Outta Compton' vocal samples and rolling amen break. The track just oozes menace and introduces some crunching junglistic breakbeats, then lifts things up with an uplifting piano section and euphoric female vox.

'Harmonik Force' also by Freshtrax & HMS takes you on a trip to rave ecstasy with soaring syths, 'hold me baby, come fly with me' female vocals and an uncomplicated break to let the focus fall on the uplifting elements.

The EP is rounded up with a surprise unreleased track found on DAT dated July '92, with a proposed release on the Great Asset label. Any other information of who created it is still lost and remains a mystery. However the track rolls in on a 2 Bad Mice 'Hold It Down' break and features uplifting pianos, hoover riffs, assorted rave stabs and a top 'Dibby! Dibby DJ' chant courtesy of Cutty Ranks. A veritable unearthed gem of a tune and an absolutely essential EP.

For those still interested in grabbing a copy there a 4 left from Will (owner of Keeping Vinyl Alive label and the now defunct Sublogic Recordings - he's put them up for under a tenner to let latecomers get a copy before the Discogs price scalpers get in there trying to sell them for over £50 a pop! So be quick!).


HARDCORE LIVES Vol.2 (out now from Hardcore Lives Records)

After the successful 'Back to the New Skool' compilation, Hardcore Lives Records is back in the game with 25 amazing tunes representing the NuSkool/Nu-Rave movement in its best!
Nefti, Eddie Voyager, Sanxion, Bay B Kane, Oneplayz, DJ Nicky Allen, DJ Pursuit, Menace, Systec, 1st Science, Ben Venom, Lucas, Kim Acrylic, DJ Pink Champagne, Motiv, Beagle, Dephonix, Stranger Rollers, Powerman, III Advised, Exit Point, DJ Distroi, Boykz, Tactical Aspect and Final Feverz are involved on this absolutely class release with future jungle/140/rave-hardcore breaks sounds and oldskool sense in a nu-rave twist!
The owner of Hardcore Lives Records, DJ Pete made a special showcase for this new album on his show @ Nu-Rave.com, about 2 days ago.
This show is already uploaded on Nu-Rave.com archives and you can listen to it HERE

Don't miss the chance and grab your copy now!
This massive album is out now and you can buy it from its official website here> http://www.hardcorelives.co.uk/hcl/releases/hardcore-lives/volume-2/

Other digital stores where you can buy it:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Strictly NuSkool Blog PODCASTS - SNB001 - Tariq Ziyad

I had intended to put together a podcast for the blog for quite a while, finaly got the inspiration, the tunes came together with a nice flowing and varied selection, new and old but gold, nearly 24 years on, the sound of hardcore and jungle as it was in the golden era is still alive and well, a few tweaks here and there and maybe not as raw and experimental but if you loved the old skool sound, theres no doubt you will love the NuSkool sound and appreciate it for what it is, hope you enjoy the selection, its free to stream and download and special thanks to all the artists and labels that featured.


  1. Broke & Twisted -I Want UR Love
  2. Paradox-A Certain Sound (Skanx 140 Remix)
  3. RenegadeGenius -Dark Soon (Simon Harris Remix)
  4. Strange Rollers -Killa Of Sound
  5. Boss T-Feelin’ It
  6. Strangenotes & The Mol-Bastards Know
  7. Void - No Stoppin’ (Avro’s Back To 92 Remix)
  8. DJ Nee -Good Time (Bat Beat Mix 2011 EQ)
  9. Nexus & Blowback -Take Me Higher (Clean Whiskas 2013 Remix)
  10. DJ Flow - Say That You Want Me
  11. Schoco - Far Beyond Driven
  12. Leonized-The Beginning Of The End (DJ Fuzzbuzz Remix)
  13. Sub Fusion -Psychotic Bleeps
  14. The Flashback Project -31 Seconds
  15. Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Line (Bright Lights Remix)
  16. Original Sin-Air Raid
  17. Systec & Powerman –Condor
  18. Manix –Riprize
  19. Stormski - Are You Ready
  20. ESP -Spread Love (DJ Vapour Remix)
  21. Nefti -Hold Me
  22. Nicky Allen Brothers & Sisters
  23. Galvatron - Coffee Shop Killer


The legendary RATPACK are celebrating this year their 25th anniversary and about 1 month ago visited a well known nu-rave place of Poland, Lodz.
This is a clip from that wicked night with the oldskool legends along with a strong polish team like: Kasper, Atmosphere, Ginee K ,DJ Tornado, DJ Ponk, 3 Way, Oblivion & Mikolajek, Greg Sin K, Arde, Wachu oraz MC Akira, MC Jabba D, MC Digital K, MC Leo, MC Chrispir, MC Goofy Man

7th Storey Projects - The Dark Arts Volume 1 Review (12" Vinyl - Out Now)



A1 - FX - Dark Places.
A2 - DJ Fav - Soul Survivor.
AA1 - Wellbelove - Immortal.
AA2 - Worldwide Epidemic - Ruler Of Olympus.

These days producing a vinyl release can be a daunting and costly process, but there are still a few stalwarts who are keeping vinyl alive for those who still crave a physical copy. 7th Storey Projects have come up with another outstanding EP following on from their DJ Excel 'Just When You Thought It Was Safe EP', 'The Dark Arts Volume 1' brings on board Demonic Possessions Recordings darkside don, FX. The originator of the Hardcore Will Never Die label, DJ Fav, Wellbelove AKA Dom Fripp of Chaos & Julia Set fame and Antipodean breaks connoisseur Worldwide Epidemic.

As underlined by the EP's title, all tracks are on a 1993, dark tip with a firm focus on the jungle tekno styling's of that era. FX's 'Dark Places' follows on from his 'Demonic Possessions Vols 1 & 2' on his own label, with a mental barrage of rough, chopped up breaks, ominous bass growls and modern horror movie quotes to keep you guessing where that sample came from.

'Soul Survivor' tricks you into thinking it's just going to be an all out amen fest (it does have amens aplenty by the way), but then throws them in the blender with a gentle techno melody. It still keeps things moody with brooding strings and razor sharp mentasm riffs.

The pitch black 'Immortal' from Wellbelove is quite possibly the darkest track I've heard in a while, focussing more on moody atmospherics rather than hammering breaks. It has a very cinematic feel to it, as well as having hoover stabs which sound like a nest of angry bees.

Last up, Worldwide Epidemic unleashes his 'Ruler Of Olympus' track, which to put it simply, sounds like an unearthed Basement Records/Sound Entity/Smooth Recordings from their 1993-1994 heyday. It has the jungle tekno style nailed with the use of crisp breakbeats, pumping bass and techno melodies.

4 tracks following a dark hardcore agenda, but all unique in their own ways. If you're a vinyl hardcore/jungle supporter then this is highly recommended and available from 7th Storey Projects themselves for a very reasonable £7.99 (excluding P+p)



Scribble Dee - Uplifting Thoughts-HC Recordings

A clever and catchy combination of house/garage & DnB sounds, Scribble Dee's 'Uplifting Thoughts' kicks off with a shimmery and summery intro and gradualy builds from DnB beats into rolling amens, great uptempo sounds to play at high volume in your car/stereo and a sure fire floor mover!!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MOTIV - Everybody Say Love [REFIX on The Magi & Emanation - Prodigy Remix track]

MOTIV from Greece, few months before their release on Kode 5 Recordings, 'Feel The Energy EP' (https://soundcloud.com/whitetowerdigi/sets/motiv-feel-the-energy-ep ) serve to the fans a great remix of this classic '93 anthem by Magi & Emanation 'Everybody Say Love' remixed by the Prodigy!
A real nuskool breaks bomb given away for free download to all oldskool & nu-ravers out there showing that this movement is always alive!

Show your support to the act!

BOSS T 'The Volks EP [out now on KODE 5 Recordings]

KODE 5 Recordings 37th digital release is already out! A very special nuskool breaks 2track EP by Boss T featuring breakbeat dose, some great sweeping pads and oldskool flavour!
'The Volks' and 'Need Your Lovin' need your straight attention and support!

BUY @ juno:




KODE 5 Recordings


Monday, 4 November 2013


Having already being placed on the top positions of the Breaks Charts on Track It Down, Retropolis strikes back with a new innovative nuskool mix using breaks, bass and his very own talent on it. 
Njoy nuskoolers!


Oneplayz - So Close Yet So Far (Greg Sin Key Remix)
Zomboy - Deadweight (REL1 Funk & Filth Re-Filth)
Nefti - Give it All
Retropolis - Criticize
Greg Sin Key - Party
DJ Twista - Rock This
Gizo - Night Drive (Nefti Remix)
Kid Panel ft. Sporty O & BBK - Bumble Bee (Retropolis Remix)
Nicky Allen - Feel So Groovy (Retropolis Remix)
Sanxion - Interzone
Nefti - Feel This Baby
Rverbal - Scream
Toofer - Pump This Party
Rememberrave - Tears Like The Rain - Remix


Sunday, 3 November 2013

DJ Pink Champagne - Love is a Drug EP [out now on Rave Stylee]

Russian producer DJ Pink Champagne brings you 4 fresh nuskool gems sending you the message that 'Love Is a Drug' through Rave Stylee, and all you have to do is take a serious listen up and support this EP from a class producer and class label in the Nu-Rave scene.
The main tune from this EP, that made my heart beating was 'Your Love' ..
A sensational - atmospheric sweet breaks tune which drives you to the spirit of this release. Some people could say that this might be the hit of the EP.
This EP is out now from Rave Stylee and available to buy on digital format on TrackItDown.




DJWislov - NuSkool Mix [FREE DL]

DJWislov serves you a fresh banging mix including some of his favs nuskool tunes!



01. Sanxion - The Casimir Effect (Vinyl Junkie Remix)
02. Champion Breaks - Earful of Coke
03. Champion Breaks - Ganja Gun Marley
04. DJ Mark C - In 2 the Groove
05. Radiokillaz - Twikis Mission
06. Champion Breaks - No Problem
07. DJ Nicky Allen - Tutti Frutti
08. Borderline Jack - The Selecta
09. Julio Basmore - Battle For middle You
10. Kickback - Full Metal Tear Up
11. Neurygma - Blessing
12. Kambelt - Ruff Cut 1992

Listen it here: