Sunday, 6 October 2013

'THE PAUL CRONIN MIX' by DJ-Tony D (85 trax & 3h 45m) [FREE DL]

Well this DJ is nuts on what he was thinking and finally did...
DJ-Tony D gathered 85 tunes of Paul Cronin's productions and made a mix dedicated to Paul, with duration: 3h & 45 min. ...!!

It's very kind as thinking, worth to be blogged by us of course & you better read at Tony's words about it on the info from his Soundcloud.

"..... I put paul Cronin at the top for the sheer amount of top end tunes he delivers week in week out. Our scene is rammed with fantastic producers and lables churning out fantastic tunes but for me theres something about pauls styles of tracks, that makes him unique......



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