Monday, 14 October 2013

Old Skool Gabba & Speedcore From NewKoncept & DJ Kris Lewis

Most people turn their noses up at gabba or gabber/industrial techno and speedcore, not me, I've always kept an open mind when it comes to underground rave music, I always felt there is a sense of 'join the dots' with the range of styles and tempos under the rave umbrella and that the faster, harder sounds represent good non pretentious fun, that being said, here's 2 great tunes free to download from NewKoncept & DJ Kris Lewis, the latter a old skool Mokum/Industrial Strength style gabba remix of a 94 jungle classic, genius!!! And it sounds great too, then DJ Kris Lewis pays homage to the likes of Loftgroover and the late DJ H.M.S with a blood curdling 210bpm speedcore monster!!!Enjoy, both free to download....

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