Tuesday, 1 October 2013

[POLL] Liquid 'Sweet Harmony' (REMIXES by Andy Wilson + Nicky Allen)

1st October! Wish ya all NuSkoolers & OldSkoolers a happy month full of party & energy!

Today's blog is about the legendary 'Sweet Harmony' originally been released in 1991 by LIQUID on his 'Liquid EP' from XL Recordings. 
Many people out there have this unique melody inside their hearts still running .........

....... and many NuSkool producers from the NuRave scene have recently decided to make some quite impressive reworks on this oldschool gem.
Starting with Andy Wilson and his hardcore piano breaks remix in it. That's his latest tune on his Soundcloud page and its a very lovely rework, available also for free download.

Next one comes from a very talented producer in the scene, the man like Nicky Allen.
'Not Another Sweet Harmony Remix' like he calls his remix.. An uplifiting track providing pure hardcore buzz! (free DL too)

And now we would like to find out which one of these 2 massive remixes is your fav one...
So the only simple thing we have to do is to enter the POLL and submit your answer here:


been curious for the results...  :)

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