Saturday, 5 October 2013

J.R.S-You Gotta Believe Me/Sub Loving-Dancing Cats Records

In my opinion, J.R.S is one of the best producers around when it comes to a modern and faithful take on the oldskool sound, be it acid/hip house or techno or 92 style rave/hardcore or indeed the 4 beat sound of the mid 90s, I have a few tracks by J.R.S which I continually play on my radio shows including this amazing track from Paranoid Recordings Vol 8

J.R.S recently launched an online store where you can buy his tracks, there is currently 2 available, 'You Gotta Believe Me' is a 1995 style 4 Beat track that opens with heavy rave pads and chopped vox before kicking into some tidy amen breaks and a soulful piano combined with female vocals plus a nice mid section with scratch samples

'Sub Loving' is classic Vibes & Wishdokta 93/94 style hardcore with  strong house/garage influences, seriously heavy sub bass too!!!!

See the Dancing Cats site for buy links

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