Friday, 18 October 2013

Champion Breaks - Acid Power EP (Exclusive for Strictly NuSkool Blog)

It's a very great sense to talk with people like Champion Breaks..
A London based DJ/Producer for  more than 20 years, also known as Bad Boy Pete on the acid techno scene, came on the NuSkool/Nu-Rave Movement to bring his new ideas, new sounds and an oldskool feeling pure of acid dose..

The Future (Pirate) Sound Of London, after his first successful official release on Kut Off Records, a 3track EP called "Sex, Drugs & Love EP" ( BUY it HERE ) and a massive acidcore remix on Amen4Tekno Recordings for Mandidextrous 'Troubles and Wars' (BUY it HERE ) strikes back this time to show his huge support as he says... to me - Tariq, the Blog and the whole NuSkool/NuRave buzz!
Well the only thing we have to comment back is that we'll keep on our continuous support to him and his music child ..the 'acid breaks' genre..!

Strictly NuSkool Blog proudly presents you
'Champion Breaks - Acid Power EP'

A wicked EP by CB including 3 fresh tracks!!
Starting up with 'Darkside of Tariq' a 303 gabba tune to mr. T from the Blog and a CB stomper.. 'Hardcore Power' is a very good example of CB's classic acid breaks style, while 'Private Enemy' has a very unexpected intro for him and then serves you a dose of break tek madness!

 'Champion Breaks - Acid Power EP'  


All tracks are written and produced by Champion Breaks and lovingly mastered by Eddie Voyager




  1. Glowkid & Tariq! Many thanks for your support from day 1 - and also for this glowing (no pun :) write-up :)

    It's a pleasure to support your lovely, positive, optimistic blog with this EP.

    Keep it up!

  2. This release is so great.... thank you so much guys