Sunday, 29 September 2013

SNBEP003::DJ Wislov - Back To The Oldskool EP (2013)

As we are always keep saying in here, our aim is to be always next to every nuskool/nu-rave producer, so we decided to set our own Bandcamp page, where we are hosting tunes or EP's from some producers, available for free download.
So...after Mark C and Pursuit, who had already submitted few tunes with us, we kindly present you now 7 ultimate hardcore tracks from the Spanish ravenoise a.k.a DJ Wislov.

DJ Wislov from Tenerife, Spain, is a one of the most talented producers in the Scene at the moment, with a variety of class productions, from oldskool hardcore to jungle & hardcore breaks!
Wislov shows his love to this Blog and to all of you of course, and gives away for free a 7track brilliant 'Back To The Old Skool EP' via our Bandcamp Page!

No time to waste.. Press "PLAY" to start listening to them and then...happy download!


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