Sunday, 8 September 2013

Paul Cronin- Rave Nations Get Up EP-San Francisco Nights


Paul Cronin is back with a fresh EP of his quality NuSkool bangers, he goes in hard with the opening title track, a tough hip hop influenced breakbeat hardcore banger, next up is my pick of this great EP and quite a few others are feeling this one too, ‘I Get Hype’ wraps the well known vocal sample from ACEN’s ‘Trip II The Moon’ into a banging NuSkool/140 roller. Paul gets a bit classical with the lively ‘4 Seasons’ giving Vivaldi a hardcore reboot!!!!!!!!! ‘Y’All In The House (Say Yeah) is a rushy, uplifting number with awesome trance like pads and a drop that will melt your mind and make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!!!! ‘In The Morning’ continues in this melodic vein but more on the bad bwouy junglist tip with rolling amens and gunshots with a nice dubstep style drop. Another quality EP for you lovers of the NuSkool so once again, support this scene, support the artists and go and grab this!!!! Buy links can be found in the soundcloud set.

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