Tuesday, 17 September 2013

FORTHCOMING Hardcore Breaks Releases [Good Times Recordings - KODE 5 Recordings - Rave Stylee]

Too many good tunes & releases are about to come out in the near future from class nuskool labels and acts... Let's focus on rave/hardcore breaks genre...

Starting with Good Times Recordings new signing from USA, Beat Squad, who's about to release a 4 track EP, called "Beats a Treat EP" (release date TBA)
" Free Your Soul " looks like the top hit of this hardcore breaks release with an epic piano break!

KODE 5 Recordings didnt miss the opportunity and signed AlexBreako from Greece and his sweet emotional breaks tune "Deep Love pt2 " and as my bro Tariq says by listening to it "..the first drop at 2'40'' is phenomenal, a classic Basement Records sound, the pads-the melody towards the end are sublime.." (release date TBA)

dj fLow is one of my top producers on this scene and every single tune of his work, shows you his complete talent! Rave Stylee knows this one very well, so they are about to release an EP later this year..
"Energize " is an ultimate rave anthem from this forthcoming release, with full of energy and Flow's known 'recipe' !

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