Monday, 12 August 2013


Long Live The Animals is a unique type of revolutionary label/soundsystem which is set up in order to rise the animal rules. 
There are lots of interesting features further to check on the LLTA official website: to catch up well with this idea, and of course do not forget to read the rules in the 'About'  section.

About a week ago, it has released its first official release with a compilation called 'Jungle 4 Jungle' including hardcore-breakcore-jungle buzz by various producers such as DJ Mark C, Warrior, Simon Harris, Hamsta, General Waste and many more!

The main reason that i decided to blog this one, is because all the money that comes in from this release will be donated to the Rainforest Conservation Fund (

Big shout out to LLTA and all producers for making it happen and taking their time for this 16 track banging compilation!




01. Warrior - Dream a Little Dream of Me
02. DJ Mark C - Nightmares become Reality
03. Hamsta - Got to be Real
04. Terry Sun - Jungle Tao
05. Crumpers - P.H.A.T. 
06. Ruffkutt - Dingy Shin Dig
07. General Waste - I'm not a Prophet
08. [Dub]ious - Bloodclot Gangster
09. E-Coli - Amen Gypsy
10. dj Fuk - Fuk you Henry
11. Tangy Bear 808 - Love and Happiness
12. Black Orchild - Amplifier Rinse Out
13. Fig Cake - Hideousley Outrageous
14. Edderrzz - Boy Nuuh Run
15. Simon Harris - 21th Century Man
16. Dr. Jungletek - SP33 (Jungletek's skatstep fkd remix)

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