Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fringe - Stepping Out EP [Hi Headz 012]

Fringe - Stepping Out EP [Hi Headz 012] by Hi Headz

Since having the pleasure of being introduced to Fringe, I have been a huge fan of his sounds and this EP is an absolute must, its free to download and worthy of spending your money on without a doubt. 'No More' is classic Foul Play circa 93 style Jungle, full of atmosphere while 'You Took My Love' takes a well known vocal and wraps it around a 93 darkside beast that Ratty & Tango would have smashed back in the day, the sound is perfect, a faithful reinterpretation of that much loved mid 90s sound and all the fresher for it, big ups to Hi Headz and Fringe for this awesome release!!!

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