Saturday, 10 August 2013

BEAT RAPIST Freebies + Clips from forthcoming tunes (on Good News Boppers)

This week, Beat Rapist has uploaded some of his past tunes on his Soundcloud page, available all for free download!
Take a listen to these heavy bangers from this talented jungle hardcore producer - worth to show your support & check also his forthcoming tunes on Good News Boppers !

 Ruff In The Jungle (2010)

  Agony And Pain (2009)

 Dark Bible (2010)

  Dark Soul (2009)

And finally, closing with these last 2 tunes: 'Jungle Nation' & 'Amens & Lazers' will be forthcoming released on Good News Boppers ...after his successful 'Jungle Fever EP'  on GNB label (
Release date to be announced (

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  1. thanks glowkid :) really appreciate what you've done here :)cheers m8ty :)