Saturday, 24 August 2013

Beat Rapist - Dark Side EP-Good News Boppers

Beat Rapist - Dark Side EP [Trackitdown exclusive 23rd August] by GOOD NEWS BOPPERS
The Amenator is back with 2 fresh offerings of his unique blend of old skool hardcore and mid 90's jungle, whats not to love about these 2 fun tracks? 'Top Buzz' is funky, rollin' with deep booming sub bass and the best MC sample you have ever heard while 'The Dark Side is indeed dark 93/94 style Beat Rapist choppage with Lipmaster Mark vox, speaker busting subs and techno pads. You have just got to go and get these, 'Can U Feeeeeeel Iiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!'

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  1. Totally worth every red cent thrown down, this guy is the killer new soundbwoy champion, wicked cool and happy to have found big bopper records, support for the real music out there, huge ups on such a massive production!