Sunday, 25 August 2013

Paul Cronin-Space And Time EP-San Francisco Nights


Paul Cronin is back with a mighty boom for a fresh new EP featuring 5 prime cuts of his 1992 hardcore inspired sound and we're loving it!!!! The golden rave era style sounds commence with the excellent title track with Nebula II style pads while my personal favourite 'Raver Come Alive' kicks off with a cool 8 bit video game style intro before exploding into some 160BPM techno pads and crunching amen breaks awesomeness!!!! 'My Chant' is the most experimental tune utilising the Monk chants as per Enigma's 'Sadness Pt 1' but in a tearout amen break fashion. 'Expanded' is signature Paul Cronin raveyness at 150BPM and 'C'Mon Now' takes the tempo down for a late 91/early 92 style rave techno banger. Quality sounds all round and if you love your NuSkool then you don't want to sleep on this!!!!

Follow the soundcloud links to buy the tracks, exclusive to for the next 3 weeks then available from all good download stores, please support our artists who give away loads of free music week after week, your support is what helps the scene to grow, if nothing else, we humbly request anyone reading this post can share and tweet it to their friends and followers....

Saturday, 24 August 2013

DJ Mark C Exclusive FREE DL tune (+ Guest Mix on Generation X [RadioShow])

Mark C from UK is a beloved producer of the Strictly NuSkool Blog & a true oldskool hardcore head keeping it real from the oldskool rave days till now!
Been djing since 1993 and having released lots of quality hardcore stuff on labels such as Kode 5 Recordings, Rinse Repeat Recordings, Long Live The Animals, Mark is one of the most talented producers at the moment on the genre "oldskool hardcore"

Showing his love to us, like we show to him, he gives away an xclusive free tune for the Strictly Nuskool Blog fans, fresh, banging & rave feeling!

' DJ Mark C - Warehouse Rave ' (xclusive free DL)

If you want to dig some Mark's hardcore sounds as a dj, you can take a listen to his class guest mix on GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ throwing a 100 % oldskool hardcore vinyl set!

Beat Rapist - Dark Side EP-Good News Boppers

Beat Rapist - Dark Side EP [Trackitdown exclusive 23rd August] by GOOD NEWS BOPPERS
The Amenator is back with 2 fresh offerings of his unique blend of old skool hardcore and mid 90's jungle, whats not to love about these 2 fun tracks? 'Top Buzz' is funky, rollin' with deep booming sub bass and the best MC sample you have ever heard while 'The Dark Side is indeed dark 93/94 style Beat Rapist choppage with Lipmaster Mark vox, speaker busting subs and techno pads. You have just got to go and get these, 'Can U Feeeeeeel Iiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!'

Get them from:

Pursuit-Shaken Not Stirred EP-Rave Stylee

Rave Stylee are one of the original Rave/hardcore Breaks/NuSkool labels going strong for 5 years now and you can always count on a quality release with a back cat featuring the likes of Menace, Nicky Allen, Galvatron, Liquid Rollers and many other leaders of the NuSkool. DJ Pursuit has been around for a long time supporting the undergrounds sounds of Hardcore, Old Skool & NuSkool, DJ'ing at live events in his home town of Hull, Yorkshire & on local radio stations. A big fan of old skool legend, DJ Seduction, something that shows through on his excellent productions. We have a range of styles here from the uplifting vibes of 'Everybody Shake Your Body' to the Seduction-esque 'Don't Stop It VIP' and darkside roller 'Switch'. A solid release from a great producer who is making big waves in the NuSkool Scene.

Out Today on

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fringe - Stepping Out EP [Hi Headz 012]

Fringe - Stepping Out EP [Hi Headz 012] by Hi Headz

Since having the pleasure of being introduced to Fringe, I have been a huge fan of his sounds and this EP is an absolute must, its free to download and worthy of spending your money on without a doubt. 'No More' is classic Foul Play circa 93 style Jungle, full of atmosphere while 'You Took My Love' takes a well known vocal and wraps it around a 93 darkside beast that Ratty & Tango would have smashed back in the day, the sound is perfect, a faithful reinterpretation of that much loved mid 90s sound and all the fresher for it, big ups to Hi Headz and Fringe for this awesome release!!!

Friday, 16 August 2013

ACME BASS Records pres. 'Twisted Remix EP' (acme 004)

ACME BASS Records (UK) is a record label dealing with mutant bass & hardcore bangers.
Its 4th official release its out now, free & more twisted than ever!
'TWISTED REMIX EP' is a 4 track EP including 3 massive remixes (by Onken, Manarchy, Spaceface) to 1993 classic 'Twisted' by the Invisible Man + the original mix of it by him!

Maybe this genre is something new for your ears, but its totally worth if you are an uplifiting head! Try & get into it!
.....And of course do not forget that you can also get the Original Mix of this awesome oldskool tune!

'TWISTED REMIX EP' track sampler

Download the .wav free from:

Monday, 12 August 2013

DJ Fuzzbuzz a.k.a. Digital Breaks launches his new website

Started writing music in 1990 using an Amiga and  switching it on an Apple after 12 years,
DJ Fuzzbuzz a.k.a Digital Breaks is one of the talented nuskool producers out there, with a variety on genres in his pocket.
Having released tracks on Bassquake Recordings, Paranoid Recordings, Big Fish Little Fish Recordings, from hardcore breaks to future jungle and digital breaks, including many impressive creations, he has finally launched his new 'home' few days ago. takes place to the old website and is from now on available for your investigation into a digital nuskool world!

You will find lots of interesting Digital Breaks productions in there, which are mastered and available for free download!

Check out and also follow him to his new Soundcloud page


Long Live The Animals is a unique type of revolutionary label/soundsystem which is set up in order to rise the animal rules. 
There are lots of interesting features further to check on the LLTA official website: to catch up well with this idea, and of course do not forget to read the rules in the 'About'  section.

About a week ago, it has released its first official release with a compilation called 'Jungle 4 Jungle' including hardcore-breakcore-jungle buzz by various producers such as DJ Mark C, Warrior, Simon Harris, Hamsta, General Waste and many more!

The main reason that i decided to blog this one, is because all the money that comes in from this release will be donated to the Rainforest Conservation Fund (

Big shout out to LLTA and all producers for making it happen and taking their time for this 16 track banging compilation!




01. Warrior - Dream a Little Dream of Me
02. DJ Mark C - Nightmares become Reality
03. Hamsta - Got to be Real
04. Terry Sun - Jungle Tao
05. Crumpers - P.H.A.T. 
06. Ruffkutt - Dingy Shin Dig
07. General Waste - I'm not a Prophet
08. [Dub]ious - Bloodclot Gangster
09. E-Coli - Amen Gypsy
10. dj Fuk - Fuk you Henry
11. Tangy Bear 808 - Love and Happiness
12. Black Orchild - Amplifier Rinse Out
13. Fig Cake - Hideousley Outrageous
14. Edderrzz - Boy Nuuh Run
15. Simon Harris - 21th Century Man
16. Dr. Jungletek - SP33 (Jungletek's skatstep fkd remix)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

nu-rave,com podcast-Tariq Ziyad

First of all, I would like to thank Glowkid for doing a great job keeping this blog alive with regular posts on all things NuSkool. I haven't posted on here in ages, in fact I've been away from doing radio and podcasting for a staggering 6 weeks!!! So to kick things off, I've gone and done a podcast for's new podcast page, its a bit of a darkside indulgence starting off with Nicknutz' 'Darkside' on the excellent Hi Headz imprint, get it here:

Nickynutz - Darkside [Hi Headz 010] by Hi Headz I have pitched it up quite a bit, followed up with a forthcoming track on Jem One 'Drop This', a beast of a 140 tune with 93 amen tearout vibes, again pitched up to 145BPM, I had a bit of a margin to play with as the last tune is at 162BPM but we'll get to that, next up is this old skool classic for those who know No where by dj junk

From there I played Sound Shifter's phenomenally good 150BPM roller 'One Nation' soon to be made free for download from his new label and then we had another hidden old skool gem Junk04 by dj junk

That was followed by the mysterious DJ Trace - Definition of Living (Amen Remake), can't tell you much about that really asides from the fact that its a sick re rub!!!!! To finish off, a great forthcoming tune on by Billy No Mates BILLY NO MATES - CROWD BURST (FORTHCOMING ON KODE 5 RECORDINGS) by KODE 5 RECORDINGS™

And this, an absolute favourite of mine right now


A bit of footwork action on a 92 classic Acen - Close Your Eyes (The Renegades Mix) FREE DL by Dynamix Records, LLC

And to wrap up proceedings, this beast of a NuSkool Darkside tune by Abyss


So, hope you enjoy the podcast, go and grab the free tunes from soundcloud and buy the rest, also check out for the freshest upfront underground sounds from NuSkool to 140 to DnB, House and everything inbetween, our roster is growing week by week, loads of great DJs, loads of great shows, see you in the chat!!!!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

BEAT RAPIST Freebies + Clips from forthcoming tunes (on Good News Boppers)

This week, Beat Rapist has uploaded some of his past tunes on his Soundcloud page, available all for free download!
Take a listen to these heavy bangers from this talented jungle hardcore producer - worth to show your support & check also his forthcoming tunes on Good News Boppers !

 Ruff In The Jungle (2010)

  Agony And Pain (2009)

 Dark Bible (2010)

  Dark Soul (2009)

And finally, closing with these last 2 tunes: 'Jungle Nation' & 'Amens & Lazers' will be forthcoming released on Good News Boppers ...after his successful 'Jungle Fever EP'  on GNB label (
Release date to be announced (

Thursday, 1 August 2013

DJ MARK C - Positive Vibes EP (out now from Kode 5 Recordings) + 'Trip on Dis' [FREE DL]

It's very pleasant & worth dealing with people like Mark.. That was my conclusion after he joined my radioshow as a Guest and throwing an xclusive vinyl set.
DJ MARK C is a true oldskool hardcore person & quality producer, having released tunes on Kode 5, Rinse Repeat and forthcoming on Long Live The Animals.
His latest EP (which is out now from Kode 5 Recordings) proves by far his talent & high level on the scene!
'Positive Vibes EP' is a 3 track release full of oldskool hardcore & dark buzz heartbeats..
Nothing more to say when class labels in the scene like Kode 5 decide to sign such a talented producer

BUY links:

Rushing Just a Little Bit Too Fast

Expand Your Mind

Death Trap

Kode 5, few days ago gave away from its official Soundcloud page a free nuskool banger from DJ Mark C, called 'Trip on Dis'.
It's available to enjoy it free & forces you to add 'Positive Vibes EP' on your collection!

KODE 5 Recordings: