Saturday, 15 June 2013

STRAP YASELF IN......[2hrs 42 trax] mixed by DJ Tony D

What about 2 hrs banging on...42 NuSkool rave-hardcore breaks tracks?

Take a serious listen to DJ Tony D's latest NuSkool mix (available also for free download)

Turn It UP & Strap Yourselves IN !!

Tony says few things about his mix on his Soundcloud Page:
"As ive now started to record mixes through a H1 zoom other than a cd recorder I can now record mixes as long as I want.So having spent a few wks gathering the best tunes i could for my first mix I thought lets start with a bang and make it a 2hr mix chockablock with 42 banging tunes covering mainly nu skool killer rave/hardcore breaks and a few acid breaks and more besides.So strap yaself in and let the music flow.......

1. champion breaks-French machine
2. Richard champion-put them up now
3. champion breaks-conquring rasta
4. dj flow-horns of darkness
5. dj flow-champion sound:[dj flow hardcore jungle it rmx]
6. dj fav-give me a break
7. mastergroove-let it roll
8. nicky allen-here comes the boom:[united states beat squad rmx]
9. no title-white
10. dj wisslof-hardcore madness
11. dj mark c-nuff respect
12. dj wisslof-oldskool in my head
13. the prodigy-everybody in the place:[paul c rmx]
14. alex breako-duck n jelly
15. eddie voyager-hey dj:[orig.]
16. champion breaks-mind control
17. infinity modulator-lost & found
18. champion breaks-dark passenger
19. lankyman-drum n basic
20. no title-white
21. fleck-higher
22. paul Cronin-leonized chosen one:[Halloween rmx]
23. paul Cronin-I feel the heat:[sort of rmx]
24. happy rollers-95 style:[brd rmx]
25. no title-white
26. champion breaks-old skool gangsta
27. Oscar tg-twisted by nature:[champion breaks rmx]
28. dj mark c-hardcore conspiracy:[eat dis one yell o phase mix]
29. final feverz-great freedom
30. no title-white
31. s/o/r-sound of eden:[remix '13]
32. white-someday
33. paul Cronin-the return of the {acen theme j.b]
34. avro feat. Debbie sharp-I cant live without u
35. dj wisslof-suicide bass
36. sykick-nasty:[nicky allen rmx]
37. stormski-whos in control
38. dj red alert & mike slammer-in effect:[brd rmx]
39. dj mark c-undercover Romford:[pos rmx]
40. dj wisslof-mr rave:[rage version]
41. paul c-donut
42. crs-trip to the moon:[rmx]

Big thanx for the free downloads and to those that sent me tracks, thanks very much :)  "

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